Jos Kumps clinic at maplewood

 Legendary coach and trainer Jos Kumps 

Legendary coach and trainer Jos Kumps 

Maplewood hosts Jos Kumps, of Brussels, Belgium, who owns and operates the Jos Kumps Training Center. He's coached such riders as Rodrigo Pessoa, Michel Robert, Kevin Staut, Leopold Van Asten, Dermott Lennon, Alvaro de Miranda and Bernardo Alves.

For more than half a century this “legend” has trained different riders from the bottom up to an Olympic level. He’s bringing his expertise to Maplewood Stables, August 31-September 2, in Reno, Nevada. For a rare opportunity to train with Jos in this exclusive three-day clinic, please register below. Only a few spaces still remain!

Clinic Cost: $750

Only a limited number of spaces remain, on a first come, first-served basis.

Auditing spaces are available for $40/day if paid in advance and $50/day at the door.

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