Maplewood Stables offers year-round lessons for all ranges of skill, beginner through advanced. Lessons are offered Tuesday-Sunday.

Maplewood Stables hAs an online lesson scheduling application. Please click here to schedule your next lesson!


Group lessons

For beginners, Group Lessons typically include three to four riders and last an hour. The more advanced classes may have up to seven riders. They include flatwork and jumping, with cavaletti work and gymnastics as well.

  • $50/lesson
  • $450/package of 10 lessons purchased in advance

Semi-private and private lessons

For those wanting more individual attention, Semi-Private and Private lessons are offered. Semi-Private Lessons are offered for two riders and Private Lessons are available for one-on-one instruction. All lessons run one hour.

  • $65/Semi-Private
  • $600/package of 10 lessons purchased in advance
  • $80/Private

ride by trainer

For those wanting a Maplewood trainer to ride their horse for training. Includes flatwork and jumping, along with cavaletti work and gymnastics if applicable.

  • $75/per ride