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Maplewood is proud to partner with these wonderful companies!

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Burlingham sports

Burlingham Sports manufactures the best jumps and jump supplies on the market. Burlingham Sports jumps are made from durable polyethylene that won't shatter or splinter like wood or PVC, making our jumps safer for horses and handlers. These jumps require very little assembly because they are molded not fabricated, which also makes them sturdier and lighter than wood and easier for women and young riders to handle. We offer a wide variety of horse jumps. Jumps are made, in a variety of colors, from colorfast materials that stay vivid and bright with no maintenance. 



Natural supplements that may promote health by reducing daily aches and pain, supporting a health immune response and promoting a healthy inflammatory response. 



CWD Selliers produce custom and handmade saddles on top of innovation. With traditional manufacturing, t profit of a big know-how and the use of high quality raw materials combined with modernity, precision and detailed technology. CWD quickly became the reference of the worldwide best riders.

"The quality of the CWD tack and their customer service are second to none. When I first began using CWD saddles, the rep came to our barn and went over each horse to check the fit of each saddle. They discovered that my grand prix horse, Osophia, had a unique back, so they made a saddle just for her. It doesn’t slide around and is super comfortable for both of us. I can’t ride in anyone else’s saddle now! 

"If I ever have a question, there’s always a rep right there who’s helpful and knowledgeable. I love that they’ve kept the traditional look of their saddles, bridles and boots while also using the latest technology to continue improving their brand. I would recommend CWD to anyone who wants the best quality, newest technology, proper fit and tradition all combined into one fantastic line of products."

—Kevin Winkel  



Equine Exchange is redefining how horse sales work, with the first collaborative technology for equestrians and professionals worldwide. Equine Exchange is the only solution that uncovers and reduces risk for each party to a horse sale.

Because Equine Exchange guides each step of the transaction and ensures transparency through proprietary process and customized documents, beginners to savvy professionals trust Equine Exchange to manage their transactions.

Maplewood Stables and Julie Winkel are proud to partner with Equine Exchange.



Samshield’s philosophy is to always propose advanced products in terms of active and passive security, comfort, hygiene, material and finish quality as well as customization.

Modern riding demands innovation, Samshield added elegance and distinctiveness. Samshield has been able to create helmets which are specifically adapted to show jumping, dressage, racing, polo and eventing activities in terms of protection and comfort.

Samshield launched its first range of riding gloves in 2012 with the V-Skin, designed for competition and professional riders. In 2014, Samshield developed a winter high performance model: the W-Skin. The Samshield R&D office works with the determination to generate the best products of the market and to constantly improve its existing range.

Maplewood Stables and Julie and Kevin Winkel are proud to partner with Samshield.



Sportsmenus® is a concept developed to help athletes and avid exercisers find the right balance of nutrition, training and recovery to maximize performance in training, workouts and competition; gain mass, lose body fat and to learn how to make healthy choices for an all-around optimal diet. The Sportsmenus® concept is based on a matrix of nutrition, nutrient timing and training loads for workouts, competition, and recovery. When this matrix is applied to pre-season, in-season, post-season and off-season training and competition, it can be referred to as nutrition periodization.