The Funny Side of Judging

I had a a lot of fun writing this article on the way home from judging a horse show. It's more accurate than you might think. And my fellow judges really enjoyed reading it and thought it was hilarious because it rings true with a lot of their own  experiences.

I wrote it not just to show how difficult judging can be sometimes, but also in hopes that exhibitors, trainers and parents could have an insight to the entire process.

With our inaugural Reno Judge's School coming up September 15-17, I feel this article is more than timely. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it, and I look forward to seeing anyone who wants to learn more about judging at our school in Reno with Scott Hofstetter and myself. 

It always tickles me to get things in the mail, such as this letter from a famous old judge whom I respect a lot and showed under for many years.

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