Maplewood Flood 2017

While I was giving a clinic in Seattle on Sunday January 9, Maplewood suffered a catastrophic flood that destroyed all roadways in and out of the property. When the creek on the property overflowed its banks near the parking lot, major flooding took place in our main barn, clubhouse and office.

Thanks to our great staff, including Kevin Winkel, Andrew Jayne, Antonio Valdez, Danny Campo, Mackenzie Davidson and Ana Forrsell, the horses were safely evacuated to the lower barns and out of harm's way.

The following day, high winds and blizzard-like conditions made taking care of the horses even more difficult. Furthermore, the staff had to deal with broken water lines and carrying buckets of water from our spring-fed pond to the barns. It’s not our first catastrophe, and although there’s a lot of cleanup ahead, we hope to be back in business tomorrow.

I'm so thankful to everyone for going above and beyond in helping us through this flood, including our amazing clients that have come out to help us shovel out the debris from the main barn, pull out stall mats, re-bed stalls, feed the staff and lend physical and moral support.

Ironically enough, while in Seattle giving a three-day clinic for Brick Road Farms, I met with the officers of the Washington State Hunter Jumper Association as well as local firefighters regarding Maplewood's First Responders Clinics, specifically geared toward horse evacuations in emergency situations, which includes fires, floods and earthquakes. So, I’m sure Kevin and Andrew got more first-hand experience and ideas for those problems we encounter.

Me with the USEF Licensed Officials Committee

Me with the USEF Licensed Officials Committee

I'm currently in Lexington, Kentucky, attending the USEF Annual Meeting, where we had two great days meeting with the USEF Licensed Officials Committee. As the co-chair, I led the meetings where we discussed applications coming forward for licenses and promotions, among other topics.

I also enjoyed the special presentation yesterday by the USEF's new incoming president Murray Kessler, who has great ideas for leading our sport forward. I'm especially excited about USEF members having access to the learning center on the new USEF website, which was unveiled today.

Andrew Jayne saving the day at Maplewood.

Andrew Jayne saving the day at Maplewood.

I'm heading home tomorrow to Maplewood to access the damage to the farm and help the staff continue the clean up. I want to thank you for the hundreds of comments of concern posted on Facebook. It means a lot to know so many people care!

For more photos and videos of the flood, please visit our Maplewood Facebook page.

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