Burlingham Sports - Excellence in Our Arena!

A few years ago, during our Course Design School held each September here at Maplewood, clinician and renowned course designer Linda Allen asked me about replacing some of my older, heavy rails and standards.

She suggested looking into the newer, lighter materials available now, and, that's how we discovered Burlingham Sports. We're now in partnership with this wonderful company!

Their motto is "Excellence in All Arenas," and we couldn't agree more! Here's a description from their website:  

Burlingham Sports manufactures the best jumps and jump supplies on the market. Burlingham Sports jumps are made from durable polyethylene that won't shatter or splinter like wood or PVC, making our jumps safer for horses and handlers. These jumps require very little assembly because they are molded not fabricated, which also makes them sturdier and lighter than wood and easier for women and young riders to handle. We offer a wide variety of horse jumps. Jumps are made, in a variety of colors, from colorfast materials that stay vivid and bright with no maintenance. Never paint jumps again!

What I LOVE about our new Burlingham jumps:
1) They are attractive!
2) They look great year after year!
3) They are lightweight and easy to move!
4) The standards have the fence height marked on them!
5) We never have to paint the poles!!
6) They encourage the horses to jump well!
7) They don't warp or fade in color from the sun!
8) They have every fun color and type of obstacle you will ever see at a show!

What I don't like about them:

Ummmmm-can't think of anything!!!!

We can't wait for our USEF Course Design School in September to build courses with these fantastic jumps!

Julie Winkel and Maplewood's stallion Good To Know

Julie Winkel and Maplewood's stallion Good To Know

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